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James Semple Recording Studio

Mac / PC-based recording studio.
Recording Hardware
MacPro: 8-core 2.8GHz, 24GB RAM, 4 disks (320GB, 500GB, 2x1.5TB drives).
Audio Interface: MOTU 2408
Lexicon PCM 90 reverb
SSL Alpha Channel pre-amp
PC: Dual Core P3.4GHz, 8GB RAM, 3 disks (80, 160, 500GB drives).
Audio Interface: M-Audio Delta 66 Omni Studio

Recording Software
Cubase 6
Cubase 5.5
Logic 9
Kontakt 5
Kontakt 4
Vienna Instruments Pro 2
Vienna Ensemble Pro 5

East West QL Spaces
Altiverb 6
Waves Native Power Pack
PSP Neon
PSP Vintage Warmer 2
Sonnox Inflator
Camel Phatt
Ozone Izotope 4
Ozone Alloy
Nomad Factory D82 Sonic Maximizer
Audio Damage Eos reverb
Vienna Suite 1.2
Numerical Sound FORTI Impulse Responses
Voxengo Pristine Space
Voxengo Elephant 2
Voxengo GlissEQ
Aether reverb 1.5

Virtual Instruments and Samples
Los Angeles Scorings Strings (aka LA Scoring Strings aka LASS) version 2.0
Spitfire Albion
Spitfire Orchestral Percussion
Spitfire Solo Strings
Spitfire Harp
Orchestral Tools Orchestral String Runs v2.0 and Symphonic Sphere
Vienna Instruments Special Edition
VI Appassionata Strings
VI Chamber Strings II
VI Download Instruments (Soprano Voices, Bass Trumpets, Fanfare Trumpets, Bb Trumpets, Alto Flute, Flute II, Bb Clarinet, Upright Bass, Jazz Drums)
CineSamples CineBrass 1.1, Hollywoodwinds, CineHarp, CineToms, CineToms 2, Cinesnares, Cinecrash, CineOrch, Drums of War and Drums of War 2
SoundIron Emotional Piano, Granny Piano, Requiem Light, Cymbology, Little Epic Percussion, Frendo, Circle Bells, Rust 1, Anti-Drum 1, Shake 1, Little Pump Reeds, Zitherette, Bamboo Ensemble, Bamblong, Kalimba, Solo Dhol Drum, Ambius 1: Transmissions
8Dio Legacy 1928 Steinway Scoring Piano, Epic Dhol Ensemble, Epic Toms Ensemble, Epic Frame Drums Ensemble, Solo Frame Drums, Rhythmic Aura 1, Ambient Guitar, Bowed Grand Piano, Spirit Flute, Francesca, Cait and Barbary
Heavyocity Evolve and Evolve Mutations 1 and 2
Sonokinetic Tutti and Hurdy-gurdy
East West Quantum Leap Symphonic Choirs & Voices of the Apocalypse - PLAY edition
East West Gypsy
East West Silk
East West Storm Drum 2
East West Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra Gold XP Pro
EWQL Symphonic Choirs
EWQL Storm Drum
Spectrasonics Omnisphere
Spectrasonics Trilian
Spectrasonics Stylus RMX plus all SAGE Expanders
Project SAM Symphobia 1.2
Project SAM Orchestral Brass Classic
Project SAM True Strike 1 and 2
Project SAM Concert Harp
Project SAM Woodwind Orchestrator, Woodwind FX, Flute & Piccolo FX
Westgate Modular Series (all woodwinds and French Horns)
EZ Drummer with Drumkit From Hell and Funkmasters expansions
Addictive Drums
Native Instruments Alicia's Keys
NI Session Strings
Native Instruments Battery 3
Dan Dean Solo Strings Advanced and Dan Dean Solo Woodwinds
VR Sound Kontakt Strings
Spectrasonics Atmosphere
Spectrasonics Trilogy
WIVI Brass and Woodwinds
SampleLogic Ambience Impacts Rhythms (AIR)
Garritan Stradivarii 2.0
Garritan Jazz and Big Band
Warp IV Screaming Trumpet
Sonic Implants Symphonic Strings
SoniVOX Download Instruments (Mellotron, Tayler Acoustic, Beatle Bass)
SoniVOX Playa and Sampla
VSL Horizon Epic Horns
VSL Horizon Solo Strings
VSL Horizon Chamber Strings
VSL Horizon French Oboe
VSL Horizon Woodwind Ensembles
VSL Opus 1
ArtVista Virtual Grand Piano 2.0 and Malmsjö Acoustic Grand
SampleModelling "The Trumpet" and Mr Sax T
Nine Volt Audio TAIKO and Action Drums: Taiko Edition
Flying Hand Percussion
Bela D Media DSynth: Shadows of Luminosity and Retro Flute
Rob Papen BLUE and Albino

Guitar Gear
Fender Telecaster
Fender Stratocaster
Martin Acoustic
Charvel San Dimas

Cornford Harlequin
Mesa Boogie Nomad
Marshall JMP-1
Vox Satchurator

Song Writing Composing Studio
Song Writing Composing Studio