Here are some examples of the work I've produced to date.

Epic Journey Dawn of Legends Overture
A teaser for a suite of larger-than-life superhero music.
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This track is an exhilarating hybrid of orchestra, rock and synth sounds. The overall tone is aiming for action, power and excitement. Live guitars mix against synth sounds from Omnisphere and Rob Papen's Blue softsynth. Orchestral samples are from a variety of sources including VSL (Fanfare Trumpets, Bb Trumpets), Tonehammer (Epic Toms), Symphobia and East West.
Majestic Park Majestic Park
A stately theme in the style of John Williams.
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This piece was designed to embody ideas from the Jurassic Park theme: noble brass and soft strings. The brass is all from WIVI (including the opening French Horn melody). Strings are Sonic Implants Symphonic Strings and woodwinds are from the Westgate modular series. The choir is from the EWQL Symphonic Choirs. Reverb is from Altiverb.
Djames Djames
A Django Reinhardt pastiche with live guitars and sampled violins/drums.
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This is a Django Reinhardt style piece I created as part of an assignment for Music for the Media. There are three guitars in there and they are all first takes I'm pleased to say. It's just me playing on my Martin. The drums are from Groove Agent and the violin is from VSL Solo Strings. I came up with the basis of a melody and just improvised it end-to-end.
A big thanks for Simon White who played some stunning fretless bass in there and Laurent Roussel who engineered and mixed this all.

Jame Semple composer
Jame Semple composer

James Semple is a media composer and multi-instrumentalist.

Working with both live and virtual instruments, James creates music in almost every style from rock to jazz to classical.


Four Shadows by James Semple composer